Our Web Hosting Infrastructure - Data Centre

Key features of the DATACENTRE facility include:


Powered by a 500KvA feed with three in-line UPS devices delivering A, B & C power feeds to racks. This arrangement is backed by a 500KvA diesel generator housed inside the facility with a 24/7 SLA for repairs and refuelling. The generator can power the entire data centre indefinitely.


Discrete 10GbE internet connections are provided by independent suppliers, providing redundancy and failover should any one suffer an outage. Fibre carriers have multiple redundant paths of fibre entering the data centre from different ducts.


Three fully-redundant and intelligent HVAC CRAC units feature POD-based temperature monitoring and flow control with micro particle air filtration. The units deliver a maximum of 20kw of cooling per rack.
The data centre operates within strict thermal guidelines for data processing environments (temperature is 21°C, humidity of 49% with a maximum dew point of 15°C).